In this post, Redux state implementation will be demonstrated within React application using immutable.js, normalizr and reselect. Goal Build a React application which lists movies from nested API response. Movies can be filtered against genre or actor. What is used ? React, Redux, immutable.js, normalizr, reselect Code Whole application code can be checked via this repository: React and Redux In this blog post, we will concentrate on tools which can be used with Redux state. It is assumed that you already know about React and Redux. If not, please check some tutorials about them first. You can check “/components” folder to see how React components are created. Basically, there are two connected container components: MoviesFilter: Gets genres, actors and current selected filter[…]

In this post, you can get information about how things work together. If you would like to learn them from scratch please check their documentation. Goal Build a simple application with Seneca microservices. There will be 3 services and they will run in their own docker containers. Web server: Responds to http requests. Consumes Greeter and Adder service. Greeter service: Responds with ‘Hello’ to name parameter. Adder service: Calculates sum of two numbers and returns it. What is used? Seneca, Docker, Node.js, Express, bluebird In the end Node.js-Express web server will receive http request with parameters name, number1 and number2. Http response will be prepared by using adder and greeter microservices. Request: http://localhost:3000/?name=Alex&number1=7&number2=8 Response: Hello Alex, sum of numbers is 15 Code Code can be[…]