In this post, you can get information about how things work together. If you would like to learn them from scratch please check their documentation. Goal Build a simple application with Seneca microservices. There will be 3 services and they will run in their own docker containers. Web server: Responds to http requests. Consumes Greeter and Adder service. Greeter service: Responds with ‘Hello’ to name parameter. Adder service: Calculates sum of two numbers and returns it. What is used? Seneca, Docker, Node.js, Express, bluebird In the end Node.js-Express web server will receive http request with parameters name, number1 and number2. Http response will be prepared by using adder and greeter microservices. Request: http://localhost:3000/?name=Alex&number1=7&number2=8 Response: Hello Alex, sum of numbers is 15 Code Code can be[…]